Covid-19 Precautions at Dhammadicca

COVID-19 -- New Measures at Dhammadicca
Various COVID countermeasures have been taken at Dhammadicca to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection and ensure courses are held safely. We follow the latest guidelines and information provided by the Ministry of Health and implement the standards recommended.

Limited Number of Participants
Until the arrival of the COVID-19  pandemic at the beginning of 2020, most courses offered a maximum of 64 places for students. In order to reduce any potential chance of infection in the 3Cs (closed places, confined spaces and close-contact settings) we are currently limiting the number of studernts for each course. We will continue to keep this under review and adjust this limit depending on the changing circumstances.

Conditions of Participation
We are not accepting anyone who is infected with COVID, has a high chance of infection, or those who are within the high risk category of becoming severely ill if infected.

Centre Facilities and Course Management
We have introduced various measures to support our COVID prevention policy. Please see the notes and images below.

Course Registration — Day Zero
Wear a mask and keep the social distance.
Interviews  through a safety screen.
Temperature measurement using a non-contact thermometer and daily temperature checks.
Mask replacement and hand sanitization.
Registration forms completed and printed at home.
Sterilization of common items such as pens etc.


Registration desk and temperature measurement


Registration interviews through transparent stand


Dining Room
A covered porch where shoes can be removed before entering the room.
Students are required to bring their own slippers.
Sterilization of all surfaces, doorknobs, chairs and tables.
Hand washing sinks at the entrances.
Buffet style self service, wearing a mask and disposable gloves
Dining at designated seats with sufficient space.
Eating utensils and tableware are washed using disposable sponge and then dry sterilized at high temperature.

New entrances for men and women have been installed, as well as sinks next to the entrance for hand washing. 
A high temperature sterilization unit for tableware and cooking utensils.
Stainless steel cupboards to maintain hygiene for all dishes and utensils
A new sink for washing vegetables and fruits.
Constant air circulation.

Stainless steel cupboards


High temperature sterilization storage

Toilet / Shower Building
Regular disinfectant and antibacterial cleaning for door knobs and switches.
Designated shower room to reduce sharing.
Toilets are allocated and sharing is reduced to a minimum
Alcohol spray is available in each toilet to allow disinfection after each use.
Sterilization floor matts when leaving the toilet building.
Sterilization and antibacterial of common items.

Designated private toilet room


Shower time allocation table is set up with magnets to avoid sharing pens.


Meditation hall
Reduced capacity to provide safe distancing.
Frequent checks on air flow using CO2 monitoring, Good ventilation is maintained at all times through opening and closing windows to maintain 700ppm or less.
A new signature board for teacher interviews using a magnet system.

Seating in the Meditation Hall is reduced


Ventilation checks with CO2 monitor


Periodic sterilization of door knobs and switches.
Curtains at entrances to the corridor have been removed.
Rooms are closed for 3 days between courses. Covid viruses on bedding die within 3 days.
Accomodation in private rooms.
Ventilation at the entrance is adjusted by management as needed.


View of a private room from the corridor


Inside a private room


We will continue to monitor and improve the facilities at Dhammadicca to provide the best environment for everyone to meditate safely. 

These operation methods have been implemented to manage the COVID-19 situation and will be adjusted as further information becomes known and with the opinions and feedback from course participants.